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What Are the Similarities Between Sociology and Political Science

Similarities Between Sociology and Political Science Political science and sociology are very closely related to each other. The definition of sociology is the science of society while political science is mainly concerned with the state and government. Political science is basically a branch of sociology that deals with the principals of organization and government of [...]

Why Sociology is an Interesting Field of Study

Why Sociology Captivates the Interest of So Many Sociology has to be one of the most interesting fields of study a student can major in.  We all love to “people watch” when we are sitting at an airport or park.  Basically sociologists base their career on “people watching” and studying why people do the things [...]

What Are the Best Jobs in Sociology?

Top Jobs and Careers in Sociology Sociology is an exciting degree field to major in.  Sociologists study all aspects of human society, including social behavior and the origin of social groups. Their research provides key insights into the different ways groups, governments and individuals respond to change, make decisions and exercise power.  It is a [...]

Best Schools for Sociology

Top Sociology Programs and Schools Whether you are interested in pursuing a sociology degree or any other field of study, there are many factors to consider when you are choosing a college.  The ranking of a school is just one of these factors.  The following is a list of the 10 top sociology colleges in [...]

Sociology versus Social Work: The Difference

Difference Majoring in Sociology and Social Work These seem like very similar majors, but there are some big differences in the focus of study for each degree. While they are both in the social studies field, they concentrate on very different areas.  Academically sociology is a field of study involving how people interact in groups [...]