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Similarities Between Sociology and Political Science

Political science and sociology are very closely related to each other. The definition of sociology is the science of society while political science is mainly concerned with the state and government. Political science is basically a branch of sociology that deals with the principals of organization and government of society.  Sociology uses political science to study various aspects of political activities.

Sociologists study society and social behaviour by examining the organizations, groups and other social institutions that people form.  The activities that people participate in are also studied; including activities regarding religious, social, political, economic and business groups. They study how groups within society react to trends and issues such as crime, technology, epidemics and the spread of technology. They research and analyze how social influences affect different groups and individuals, and how organizations affect the lives of those same people. Sociologists analyze these social patterns by designing research projects that integrate a variety of research methods.  Some of these methods include historical and comparative analysis, and qualitative and quantitative techniques.  It is through this process of applied research that they are able to construct theories and produce data that attempts to explain certain social trends or that may enable people to make better decisions in the future. Sociology is a very broad subject matter and political science is simply a narrowing of the subject matter.  Sociology funnels down to the sociological study of politics.

Governments make laws for the welfare of the society and set up programs and policies for society as well.  They deal with social issues such as poverty and unemployment, and give aid and financial assistance to people who are victims of natural disasters and emergencies; such as floods, hurricanes, drought, and famine. Political science covers the social group organized in the form of a governing body.  The forms of government, the nature of government organizations and the laws of these groups are chiefly determined by the social processes.  Laws formed by the government are based on social traditions, norms, customs and other aspects of the society. Understanding political problems takes certain knowledge of sociology, because all political problems are correlated to a social aspect.  Political scientists conduct research and analysis on a variety of subjects; the institutions and political life of nations, the relationships between the United States and other countries, the politics of small towns and large cities, and the decisions of the different branches of the government.  Researching and evaluating topics such as public opinion, public policy, political decision making and ideology, they analyze the operation of governments as well as other organizations. 

Sociology and political science are both inter-related and inter-dependent.  Society is the mirror of politics of the country.  There are differences between the two though.  Sociologists study society as a whole and man as a social entity, while political scientists study a particular aspect of society, which is the organized entity of government.  So, political science is a much more specialized science than sociology.

Sociology studies all aspects of society; political, social, cultural, and economic as well as areas such as family, religions, marriage, inequality and class.  Political science deals with a specific form of association.  Sociology studies both organized and disorganized societies, while political science studies only the politically organized societies.

Sociology is a study of society and societies need to have a system of rules and guidelines.  The social institution set up to enforce these laws is the governing body.  Political science is a study of these governing bodies, so you can understand how intertwined these two sciences really are.

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